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Our First Expo

The R portion (that's me! Rachel!) of RV Parties has recently relocated to Beaumont, TX. I'm diving into the world of planning parties for people other than my own kids--and to kick things off, I put together a booth at the local Baby and Family Expo to meet some potential clients.

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You may recognize... just about everything from Victoria's bridal shower from the previous weekend! Two birds, one stone. I'm all about efficiency! You would not believe how much of that circle garland did NOT get used... I sewed probably a mile of it. I was thrilled that I was able to untie the jumbo balloon and refill it for another event! I just love the huge balloons.

 photo 140920-1834.jpg

I set up two sections on my table--a mini sweets table and an informational section. I tried to put out eye catching things that are unique--the macaron tree, the letter candy dishes, gold cupcake toppers... I had two frames filled with photos from past events, as well as business cards and brochures for people to grab. I gave out almost 100 brochures--and a few people seemed genuinely interested!

 photo 140920-1830.jpg

When RV Parties was strictly Etsy based we never had any confusion about the name. I was SHOCKED how many people asked me what kind of RV we had or how the RV worked... and I had to explain that it's just our initials! After being asked about it so many times, I started to think that I actually do want an RV that can be a mobile party headquarters. I mean, it's actually a pretty good idea! Maybe in a few years. :)

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