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Real Party Feature: A Modern Black and White Batman Party

Ready for an adorable Batman party? Good because you are about to get a million pictures of one! My oldest son loves Batman--and even though I probably could have talked him into a few other themes, I couldn't resist throwing him a party I knew he'd LOVE. (I forgot to get a good picture of him until after we dismantled the dessert table. Whoops!)

 photo 140424-8867_zpsf2ad21fa.jpg

Finley and his brother are both April babies--so I reused a ton of decorations from Braden's train party. Like, as much as I possibly could. :) I started hoarding black and white objects months before and tried get creative with foods so I wouldn't have too much prep to do!

 photo 140424-8844-3_zpse38dd98a.jpg

The Gotham City Skyline was so fun and easy to put together--not to mention cheap! The tutorial for how to put it together will be live HERE later this week! I love how nicely it framed the table and naturally tied in to our color scheme.

 photo 140424-8824_zps8ce3e055.jpg

We had so many fabulous sweets! I tried my best to find store bought treats or make easy things so that I wouldn't spend too much time baking. I loved the oreo tower under the cupcakes--Trader Joes makes a great cupcake that looks adorable in our cupcake wrappers! Zebra cakes, whoopie pies, chocolate Twizzlers, yellow M&Ms, Lemonheads and popcorn were a few of the treats that I was able to purchase and not make myself!

 photo 140424-8873_zps4e236c1e.jpg

I love dipping pretzels in chocolate--kids LOVE them and they are pretty hard to mess up. I don't ever want to attempt another cake ball--I always mess them up. But I'm pretty good at dipping pretzels! I think wrapping mini-chocolates in our wrappers is super fun too! And no party is complete without Victoria's sugar cookies! Could they match any more perfectly or be any cuter? Love.

 photo 140424-8895_zps6d549ec3.jpg

I am not sure I can throw a party without paper garland--I'm just too obsessed with how it looks! The bats were cut out on my Silhouette and I chopped up black and white paper to make the striped garland. I can't stop with the paper garlands.

 photo 140424-8879_zps2b29cdba.jpg

The kids took home a Batman coloring book, cape and a few Batman trinkets I picked up around town. I loved the way the invites came together--I am not sure I'll be able to send another invite without lining the envelope first! I found some superhero stamps on eBay and loved the way they looked on the black envelopes!

 photo 140424-8890_zpsf4e7904c.jpg

Coloring walls are always a hit with the preschool crowd--they had a blast coloring in and adding their own superheroes to the skyline! They ended up coloring on the floor since the trim on the walls made it too bumpy. Not only are they fun--they are inexpensive too! My local printer prints them for $.75 per square foot.

 photo 140424-8872_zps5964655c.jpg

I love making dessert tables--but I also love carrying the theme through to the eating area!  The paper lantern garland bridged the two rooms and helped to tie them together. After settling on black and white as the main colors--I realized I could make more engineer prints for the walls! The big Finnman print was a few dollars and served as a great backdrop to the table.  I bought a few yards of black felt and threw together some capes fairly quickly. They looked cute on the chair backs and the kids loved running around in them!

 photo 140424-8946_zps4755e05f.jpg

I love so much about this table--I love the confetti table runner, the yellow circle placemats and gable boxes. It all came together so nicely! The gable boxes were great for pre-packaging the kids meals--and after the meals were over I filled their boxes with treats from the dessert table--a great way for them to take home sweets for their parents to dole out, rather than being on a huge sugar high!

 photo 140424-8916_zpscec60dd2.jpg

So that's the Batman party! It was a fun one--mostly because my five year old LOVED it!

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