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New Look!

We're slowly updating all parts of the biz--we rebranded a few months ago and are thrilled with the new look of the blog. Poke around a little bit and see what's new!

RV Photoshoot

We were lucky to snag some time with our favorite KC photographer (Erica of Anecdotally Yours) a few weeks ago when we were both in Kansas. We had some grand plans for some pink balloons to match our logo... but failed to check the weather before we left the house. It was WIN-DY and we lost about half the balloons by the time we got to the shoot.

 photo 063-1.jpg

We love to plan parties together (obviously!) and had such a great time spending the week planning the ultimate party--Victoria's wedding! Not to me--to Kip.

 photo 076-1.jpg

Victoria was having engagement pictures taken later in the week, so I made her practice taking a ring picture with me. Sometimes I think I'm probably lucky that I have any friends at all. Erica also humored us by trying to get a picture of our matching R and V necklaces...

 photo 071.jpg