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Modern and Bright Balloon Party

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 When we think of traditional birthday parties--balloons and crepe paper are the first thing that comes to mind. Our goal was to take traditional birthday party elements and use them in a fun and modern way! This party was for a very special girl turning TWO! When planning the party, I wanted the house to be filled with something she'd recognize and love--and what little kid doesn't love balloons? (Until they pop, of course!)

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I found so many cute types of crepe paper I didn't know what to do with it all!  I loved the impact this ruffled crepe paper looked behind the dessert table--so bright!  I wove plain crepe paper together for a pop of color on the white table cloth.  And the Italian Crepe Paper was a fun alternative to a table cloth--it really brightened the room!

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We had so many delicious and adorable treats for the guests to munch on--chocolate covered popcorn, dipped marshmallows, gorgeous sugar cookies and Pop Rock cupcakes! We tried to keep the food "light" or "POP" related. (A little note on the cupcakes--the Pop Rocks can't be put on right before the party or they will all pop and melt!)  Our other favorite treats were Pop Tart Pops and Balloon Pops--both were big hits and tied in our party theme and colors well. Guests took home a bag of homemade gumdrops and some bubbles to pop later--as well as as many balloons as they could bear to take!

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There was no shortage of balloons at the party--we loved the big balloons on either side of our dessert table and filled the ceiling with as many as we could! The balloon wreath was a great way to welcome guests to the party and set the tone for the event. And the crepe fringe was a fun way to string our polka dot balloons around the room!

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We love setting a fun table for a party--just one more way to incorporate the theme! Our cookie artist did an AMAZING job of replicating the font from the invite and made this extra special cookie for the birthday girl. I just love so many aspects of our table--the cute paper balloon cut outs, darling wood cutlery in the chevron bags and the cute candy holder A!

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We couldn't keep the fancy bow headband on the birthday girl--but the other party guests loved wearing them! The kids kept busy playing with small dart balloons and enjoying the balloon animals made by our resident balloon artist (the birthday girl's dad!) Such a fun theme for a kids birthday party--everyone had a blast.

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