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Budget DIY Gotham City -- for less than $5!

No Batman Party is complete without your very own Gotham City to save!  This was a cheap and easy addition to the party and really helped make the dessert table pop!

 photo 140424-8850copy_zps70d84b6c.jpg

To make your skyline you need...

--black plastic table cloths
--yellow paper

We're Amazon enthusiasts, so it didn't take more than a few weeks to have enough boxes to use for this. This was a CHEAP project--I used two black table cloths and about 5 sheets of yellow paper bringing my total in at under $5!

 photo 140423-8802-2copy_zps155abd95.jpg

Here are the quick steps:

1. Gather your supplies.
2. Cut a rectangle of table cloth and wrap a box--present style.
3. Cut out a variety of yellow rectangles.
4. Tape them on in a random grid fashion.

Voila! Your very own Gotham for your favorite superhero to save!

   photo 140424-8846_zpsa573bcc1.jpg

One Response to “Budget DIY Gotham City -- for less than $5!”

  1. What a wonderful idea for the Batman theme. I’m hosting a birthday party at the best hotel bar nyc for my friend who is a Batman fan and I’m going to borrow some ideas from here. Thanks.