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meet RV (Rachel & Victoria)

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Rachel and Victoria are the R and V that make up RV Parties. They got their start planning events together back in their college days and have been at it ever since. Creating customized parties for their families and friends channeled their love for all things design and parties into an online home on Etsy.

Rachel lives in Texas and fills her days with running--either training for marathons or chasing her three little boys. Victoria lives in Kansas and enjoys all the design she can when not working in a middle school and staying involved in the KC community. They both think pretty much everything is an excuse for a party. What better way to show people that you love them than with printables, cookies, candy, and a really fun time? Be sure to check out all of their featured parties!

Please contact us at rvparties (at) if you have any questions. We would love to collaborate and plan your next celebration with you! Parties should be fun.

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