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Bright Chevron and Heart Valentine Printables

And another set of Valentine goodies! I actually made these for a bachelorette party last year but loved the colors so much that I had to adapt them for Valentine's Day. So bright and fun!

The pack includes cupcake wrappers and toppers, mini candy wrappers, a banner, matching patterned paper, three coordinating signs and treat bag toppers. I think Valentine's Day is even more fun than Halloween in terms of sweets--I was pretty excited to go buy candy and cupcakes to dress up in the printables! I'm just so happy that celebrating holidays always comes with SUGAR.

 photo 140208-6384_zps08e1e1f5.jpg

I found these cupcake stands on Amazon and obviously needed them. Aren't they the cutest? I keep thinking of fun things I want to do with them!

 photo 140208-6373_zpsc321e8a3.jpg

And in case you are still looking for a design for classroom treats--these treat bag toppers would be a cute and easy way to go! You could fill them with just about anything you wanted and you'd probably have the cutest treats on the block.

 photo 140208-6366_zps9c98c9fe.jpg

These are free to download (just like the set from last week!) by clicking here.

You can thank us and show us some Valentine LOVE by liking us on Facebook, pinning this post, checking out our shop or joining our mailing list. Or all of the above! But mostly--we want to help your Valentine's Day be bright and fun--so download these and enjoy.

Free Valentine's Day Printable Treats!

This is my first year having kids in preschool--and as I've now realized, the stakes are very high for bringing Valentines to school! I took a bunch of our already existing designs and tweaked them for Valentine's Day--and love the result!

Free Treat Bag Toppers from RV Parties

These little foldover toppers are great for birthday favors and Valentines too--you can fill little four inch wide bags from a craft store with anything you'd like! I love that you can fill them with random snacks you have in the house... or you can go Super-Pinterest-Mom and fill them with something homemade.

The seasonal cherry M&Ms might be my favorite flavor and look adorable with the tags! Finley and I dipped some pretzels as a Valentine craft--so I threw those in a bag too.  Or if you'd like to go the healthier route, I'm sure parents would appreciate their kids bringing pretzels and goldfish home more than a bag of sugar!

 photo 140207-6325_zpsf2baa285.jpg

There's a little space on the back for you (or your little one!) to fill out for their special pal. Want to print some for yourself? Get the free printables here! Included is a page of each design, and one page with one of each if you just can't decide which you like best. They print best on plain white card stock either at home, or your local print shop. Make sure you do NOT shrink to fit when you print. Even though I told the FedEx lady not to, she still did and mine ended up a bit too narrow.

Happy Valentine's Day from RV Parties!