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Barnyard Playdate!

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In May, we hosted a barnyard playdate to celebrate our favorite local Kansas City kids' location, the Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead. Spring has been playing tricks on us, so even though it was very cold a few families ventured out to explore the petting zoo before gathering indoors for snacks, a dessert spread, a story and lots of playtime!

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You can read all about the party over on Pizzazzerie - and see even more photos of all the details! We're pretty much in love with the classic primary colors in baked goods, snacks and decorations.

All of the dessert goodness was gathered on a table covered with denim and burlap - so very country! Little hay bales held the very best cake pops donated by Miss Lulu's Sweet Treats. Cupcakes from Boxer Lady Bakery, chick cookies made by RV Parties, and farm candies (gummy eggs and cow tails) rounded out the sweets. There were also kid size bags of fresh popcorn - easy for little hands to grab and enjoy!

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Pretty much every big city has a farm like ours where you can visit and learn about animals and feed baby goats. And if you live in a little city, then you can probably visit a real farm!

We have all the files available for you - even the coloring wall - in the shop!
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Printables and Party Design: RV PARTIES
Cake Pops and Cake Balls: Miss Lulu's Sweet Treats
Burlap Ribbon: We Can Package and here too!
Cow Tails and Gummy Eggs: Amazon
Mini Paper Bags: Hobby Lobby

2 Responses to “Barnyard Playdate!”

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and love this party idea! This is what I'm planning for my daughter's party! The link to the free downloads doesn't work anymore. Do you have another one? Thanks!!

  2. Hi Jennifer - check here for all the goodies!