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Friday Finds: A Coffee Bar Party.

 photo FridayFindsCoffee_zpsfd486918.jpgSometimes when we are scrolling through Pinterest, we find a broken pin. It doesn't link to the source and a google image search doesn't help us either! For this week's Friday Find, we started with a broken pin and put our own spin on it. We assume that the photo was a staged shot from a fancy home remodel, but we also think it could be the backdrop for a fabulous brunch at home with good friends! Here's what we would need.

1. The ever classic monogram mug from Anthropologie would be perfect for you and your guests, not to mention the sweetest of party favors. (We've also seen them crafted into hostess gifts planted by our pal, Laura. These mugs can do anything!)

2. We love this tutorial on coffee mixing spoons. She made hers with instant coffee mixed into the mix - just add milk! You could also just dip vintage spoons in assorted chocolates, drizzle on top, and line them up on the coffee bar for easy use and pretty accessories. Coffee and chocolate just go together.

3. If you're hosting a coffee bar brunch, then you probably embrace this life motto. You can grab the button from our favorite shop selling custom pencils on Etsy, the Carbon Crusader. Maybe guests need a matching pencil and a coffee to-do lists printable to take home too. They'll probably have tons of good ideas after all that coffee!

 photo ToDoListPrintableRVParties_zpsb37ce6b2.jpg
Make sure to download your free printable to-do list here. One sheet will get you through the week (with a little help from the coffee!). Thanks for reading the RV Parties blog!

4 Responses to “Friday Finds: A Coffee Bar Party.”

  1. Vic, remember once upon a time when you didn't like coffee, and then you came to Europe and were cured? You're welcome.

  2. Look! They must have asked random tree cutters to make a stump for their display. Neither of you would know anything about that, would you?

  3. It is great to see pictures of this Coffee Bar party. I haven’t seen this type of party, but this is amazing. If you can do me a favor then can you suggest me some best karaoke bar nyc for my anniversary party. We will wait for your replies friends!

  4. This idea is simply amazing. I was actually looking for something like this for my regular friend’s catchup. This time I want it to be little unique and that is why I am looking for some nice options for good lofty spaces. Any help?