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St. Patrick's Day Brunch -- with FREE Decorations!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Even though its a somewhat silly holiday--St. Patrick's Day has always been one of my faves. I had so much fun setting up this Top of the Morning brunch--I felt like it was a fitting theme for St. Patrick's Day!

 photo RVTopoftheMorning-7348_zps323a74fa.jpg

I had a blast trying to pick out foods that were green and gold--and also fit the brunch theme. I tried to use ingredients that were naturally green or yellow, because no one wants to eat something with a bottle of food coloring in it! The pancakes were fabulous--colored with spinach and layered with some cream cheese frosting. The recipe is available here. The scrambled eggs cooked up to a lovely golden color. One of my favorite touches were the bell pepper shamrocks--just slice a pepper, pour in some eggs and cook over low! And there were quite a few green and yellow fruits to choose from--kiwi, pineapple and grapes.

 photo RVTopoftheMorning-7360_zpsea3a0bf9.jpg

And no party is complete without sweets! Rice Krispies, shamrock macarons, homemade marshmallows and chocolate covered pretzels were a few of the goodies we enjoyed. The pretzels were so fun and easy to make--tutorial available here!

 photo RVTopoftheMorning-7364_zpsf1e294dd.jpg

To decorate the table, I grabbed as many green and gold things I could find around the house and played around with the table until I was happy. The background cost me less than $10 to put together and was fairly quick too! I love the way it filled in the wall and mimicked the stripes in our printables. All of the printables are available for free download below. The cute treat bag toppers are a fun gift for friends and the banner is a fun way to spruce up your mantle!

 photo RVTopoftheMorning-7352_zps67c42a71.jpg  photo RVTopoftheMorning-7430_zps028fabbe.jpg

All of the decorations are available for download here! To say thanks, we'd love it if you'd like us on Facebook or pin an image to share the love (or luck!) with your friends.

4 Responses to “St. Patrick's Day Brunch -- with FREE Decorations!”

  1. Hi there! I LOVE these decorations! When I click the link to download them, it says access expired. Is it still possible to get them? Thank you!

    1. Fixed:

  2. Hi, I also love these decorations. So yesterday I went to print out the "lucky" banner. I realized there is a file for the LU and one for the CK but no Y. can you please help me to locate the Y file. Thank You.

    1. My computer with the file is down currently--I'll reupload as soon as I can get it working!