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Throwback Thursday: Mustache Bash!

The year was 2012. My second baby was turning one, which made him officially... a little man. It was the height of mustache party popularity, and it was so fun to plan this party. Mustaches continue to be an adorable theme, and its even easier to find matching goodies to go with them. This continues to be one our best sellers, and its easy to see why!

Highlights include:

  • many many mustaches and bow ties cut out on the silhouette machine
  • one of my favorite color schemes--navy, chartruese and aqua
  • adorable bowties printed with the pattern from the decor
  • my favorite Anthropologie inspired backdrop (tutorial here!)
  • lots and lots of mustaches!

 photo MustacheBash-37_zps50842c0b.jpg

These family pictures make me smile! The boys were so little.

 photo MustacheBash-7_zpsf00d412c.jpg

It wouldn't be a party without Victoria's famous sugar cookies--these still go down in history as some of my favorites!

 photo MustacheBash-20_zps6d54c90d.jpg

Basically, I slapped a mustache on everything. It was too fun not to!

 photo BirthdayBoy-1_zps6df61b58.jpg

For a more in depth look at the decorations, go here!

And for more on the food, go here!

And to buy the decor, go here!

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