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Five Things You Should Do Before Every Party.

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You may already know all of these things. But they are on our mental checklist for every single party we have. 
  1. Buy ice. You will always need ice.
  2. Lay all the serving plates out earlier in the day or the night before so you can plan where everything goes and be sure it's clean and ready.
  3. Put a new trash bag in the trash can and have another one nearby. If guests go to throw something away and there's no room in the trash can, party fail. You'll have more clean-up later! And while you're putting out that extra trash bag, put an extra roll of toilet paper in a super accessible place.
  4. Try to get as close to as an empty dishwasher as possible. This can take a little more planning, but it speeds up clean-up on the other side. And you'll be thankful.
  5. Get your camera out. A party without pictures isn't really a party!
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One Response to “Five Things You Should Do Before Every Party.”

  1. Great tips. This is actually the first blog that I've spotted with such great party advice. The decor is great in your posts and I can definetely apply some of this to my new RV