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Best Tools for Assembling Party Printables

We're often asked to print and assemble decorations for parties--and for those of you willing to spend a little more time to save a little money, we've assembled a list of our favorite tools for getting all your printables ready for your party. (You can click on all the images to be taken to their Amazon page.)

 photo Paper-2copy_zps636d445d.jpg

First up--the scallop punch. This is the quickest and easiest way to make your cupcake toppers look professional! You can also cut cupcake toppers out by hand as a circle, but they just look so cut as scallops!

 photo Scallop_zps6329ca2b.jpg
Second... the paper trimmer. We literally use this for everything.  Invitations, water bottle wrappers, treat bag toppers, banners... anything with a straight edge gets cut with this! It will save you lots of time and hopefully some of your sanity. There's a bunch of paper trimmers out there, but I like this one because it has a wire guide to help you get as close as possible to where you want to cut.

 photo Trimmer_zps64cff3a9.jpg

Third... the hole punch.  This is the easiest way to punch the corners of your banner to string it on twine or ribbon. You can use a circle one of any size--but this is our favorite!
 photo Hole_zps4aac18c8.jpg

And for anything the paper trimmer can't do, I love these scissors. They are spring loaded so it makes the job a little easier on your hand! Cupcake wrappers are my least favorite thing to cut, but these scissors make it a bit easier. 

 photo Scissors_zps411fc695.jpg

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  1. To clarify, Rach didn't ask me first. I SWEAR by 1/8" circle hole punch, not rectangle!