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Chevron Rainbow Baby Shower

Vic has already blogged about it, but I need to throw my two cents in too... we threw a rainbow baby shower for our good friend Vicki this weekend.  We had a blast picking out cute rainbow ideas on Pinterest... and nicely reining each other in when we started to go over the top.  Here's Vic and I with the mama-to-be.

I held myself back from designing eight zillion things for this party--I just made an invite, thank you cards and some favor tags.  I'll eventually make more to sell on Etsy but in the meantime you can buy the invitation here.  Did you know I love chevron-ny things?  I do.

Our most fun feat was baking rainbow colored treats.  They turned out MUCH better than I anticipated and were a lot of fun to make.  Although somehow we were convinced that we should take a shot of tequila in the middle of our baking.  The best part is that Sol and I bought the tequila at a Walmart in Mexico several years ago.  And even better is that our credit card was declined when we tried to buy it, so we had to take a cab back to our hotel, then back to Walmart to buy our Mexican loot.  Oh, Mexico.  Please don't judge me for any of that.  I think I only confessed that because I've had half a beer as I type this.  Please don't judge me for that either.  Anyways, a rainbow cake and some rainbow skewers.  Also the cute cookies in the picture above, painstakingly rolled and stacked by Vic.

Chevron Rainbow Shower!  It's a cute one, you know you want to buy all our stuff and throw one yourself...

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