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Party Planning Services

We love parties--the planning, the crafting, the shopping, the set-up... and of course the actual party itself! As ladies who frequently throw parties, we know it isn't actually possible to do it all. You can't have a Pinterest perfect party with impressive photos--and enjoy it!--without a little help! That's where we are able to step in. We offer a variety of services to help meet your specific needs and budget.

Printable Parties...
Our Etsy shop has a wide variety of printable packages to kick your party up a notch! Our files are easy to print--at home or at a local print shop. Assembly is easy--but if crafting isn't your scene, we're happy to print and assemble for you! Printable packages (invite + decor) starts at $40, you can contact us for a quote on printing and assembly.

Virtual Styling...
This service is for someone with the skills and time to pull off their party--they just need a little help with the creative process! We'll put together an inspiration board for you, including decor ideas, themed food and treats, ideas for games and much more! This can be combined with a set of our printables for a party ready for you to put together.

Event Planning...
We're so excited to offer full, custom event planning for the Beaumont, TX area. Our plan for each party is different and will be customized to your needs. Our services can include...
--designing and printing custom invitations and decor
--planning and executing a themed dessert table with backdrop
--coordinating party favors
--planning and providing themed activities
--selecting a menu
--coordinating vendors
--set up and styling the day of the party
--photography of party details and event

Please email for pricing information!

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